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Welcome to the Belgian Fair Trade Federation (BFTF) ! BFTF brings together businesses and associations who participate in fair trade. In order to reinforce and promote fair trade core values, BFTF highlights the diversity of Belgian organizations focused on fair trade, promotes the development of fair trade, and evokes the membership of new entrepreneurs to this economic model.

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Buying local: The new ethical trend!

28 March 2019

Originally, Fair Trade was created by, and focused on the relationship between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. However, the local and international news has somewhat changed this. The farmers’ interests are always the number one concern. So what’s changed? In 2009 the milk production sparked a series of protests in Europe. The dairy farmers felt aggrieved and showed their frustration by catching the media and the population’s attention about the unjust situation of which they are the (...) read more

A new brochure about the BFTF members!

28 March 2019

Find out all about the BFTF members in the brochure down below! read more

A Fair Price for a Decent Life

28 March 2019

During their new campagne, “A Fair Price for a Decent Life,” the BFTF made the brochure shown down below just for you! The brochure helps identify the processes of obtaining “just price” for someone who follows the FairTrade principles . Enjoy! read more

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