Café Chorti

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Coffees, fruits of the work of small planters and roasted by Walloon craftsmen.

Coffee Chorti, the coffee that brings us together !

The Chorti Indians of Guatemala, a people of millennial values and traditions, associated with the La Cuna Chorti cooperative, are proud to present their initiative of direct trade from the producer to the consumer, thus avoiding the excessive accumulation of intermediaries and the rigid conditions imposed by the capitalist market.

The general meeting of Chorti scrl fs consists of producers, roasters, distributors and consumers (people and communities), its goal is to consolidate an independent sector to be less sensitive to the uncertainties of the coffee market. The investment in a common structure makes it possible to work with confidence and transparency.

The Chorti Café summarized in a few points :

• a natural coffee full of aroma, slightly full-bodied ; low in caffeine and without bitterness ;
• awarded by the prize of superior taste by the International Institute of Flavors and Quality of Brussels ;
• traditionally roasted by Walloon craftsmen ;
• recognition for the quality of the producers’ work ; from the plantations to your mug, a picky quality control ensures a quality and digestible product.


Dimitri Lecarte
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