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Femimain is a social economy project of the non-profit association Pianofabriek.
Femimain is a contemporary collection of artisanal products made in Morocco by a cooperative and women’s organizations and sold in Belgium through a local employment facilitation initiative.

Femimain supports fair trade and wants to convey an important message about solidarity and respect. The goal is to strengthen the woman’s economic position in the South and in Belgium.
We have an agreement with 8 cooperatives and women’s workshops in Morocco and a dozen stores in Belgium.

Femimain supports women in Morocco who embark on the entrepreneurial world. Their most important motivation is to fight for independence and social mobility. They see themselves as autonomous and conscious women who share their work based on equality and mutual understanding. Femimain offers them support, where the women’s values are vital and we therefore focus more on what unites us and not what separates us.
It is therefore a sustainable and fair trade relationship, based on Fair Trade principles.
The Pianofabriek recognized as Local Initiative for the Development of Employment, offers work to 5 people belonging to groups where they would not have the opportunity to be at work. They are trained and make their first professional experience. They are the ambassadors of Femimain and sell the Femimain collection to stores as well as to individual buyers in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.
Through the pooling of work between Moroccan cooperatives and the Brussels employment facilitation project, Femimain has been able to develop and is now a sustainable and significant structure based on global partnerships.


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