L’Envol du Colibri

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Love fashion while helping the world, it’s possible !

L’Envol du Colibri is more than a new private sale, it is the culmination of a concept of ready-to-wear Organic & Ethic for women. L’Envol du Colibri is part of a biological, ecological, responsible, ethical and timeless logic.

This fashion is about timeless beauty, quality and sustainability. It is to be organic and ecological, thanks to its founders, Esther and Sophie, who work with brands that respect the environment. The clothes for sale also have responsible and ethical qualities thanks to Esther and Sophie who select their brands according to their respect of the producers, and all of the employees involved’s working conditions

Esther et Sophie

Their approach is part of a logic of awareness of responsible purchasing, while offering a very varied range for female customers of all ages.

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Esther Sougné
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