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Agricovert is an ecological agricultural cooperative that brings together various producers from the region with the main goal of selling their local products at a fair and viable price. This social project puts at the center of its activities the respect of human right’s and of its natural and social environment.

Agricovert wants to be an alternative to the dominant economic model, allowing us to regain our right to food sovereignty and ensure a healthy and nutritious diet for all.

Agricovert aims to be above all a distribution tool governed collectively between producers and consumers avoiding individual bidding !

The social purpose of the project is defined as a place of diversity, connecting producers, consumers and workers. The general idea is to create links, spaces of discussion, to think, to share and to exchange knowledge. It is also a support for young people wishing to settle as a breeder or market gardener, providing them with the tools and support services by capitalizing knowledge on legal procedures, access to land (partnerships), ...

And finally, Agricovert creates sustainable jobs. The cooperative offers the opportunity for low-skilled people to re-enter the labor market. Agricovert’s conviction is that the future is a return to small-scale, ecological and local farming, while restoring its true meaning to our Mother Earth.

Opening hours

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
12:00 à.m.-6:30 p.m.
10:00 à.m.- 4:00 p.m.


Hochul Chantraine
formulaire de contact

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