A label is a special mark, created by a trade union or a semi-public organization, and the logo of which is affixed to a product intended for sale, to certify its origin, quality and the manufacturing conditions in accordance with criteria pre-established in a specification. The use of the term "label" for a collective private label is therefore permitted.

Two requirements must then be met :

- The characteristics are determined collectively by a professional type structure (specifications).

- The control of these characteristics is exercised by a certifying body.

The labels have a very broad field of intervention : they can be put in place to show different characteristics of the products and services, but also in the functioning of the organizations (companies, associations, administrations) that produce them. In short, a label is not really a quality guarantee, but a guarantee that the product has certain characteristics relating to its production or composition.

In the fair trade field, there is no public fair trade label (when the specifications belong to the public authorities and are controlled and certified by certifying bodies), but several private labels.

For more information, consult the 2015 Label Guide produced by the French Fair Trade Platform, Fair World Project and Fairness.

>https://www.commercequitable.org/], Fair World Project et Fairness.}

The main fair trade labels that can be found in Belgium

Fair trade Belgium (formerly known as Max Havelaar)

The Fairtrade label is one of the leading fair trade players. It is the most present label on fair trade products, in Belgium and in the world.

Symbole Producteurs Paysans

SPP is the first label created by small producers for their small-scale and family farming products in Latin America and the Caribbean.

WTFO (World Fair Trade Organization)

WFTO is the world fair trade organization. It brings together more than 350 associations and companies in more than 70 countries.

Ecocert Equitable

Ecocert is a certification and control organization for organic farming. In 2007 Ecocert Equitable started to expand their label to fair trade.

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