During a research study on fair trade handicrafts (the results were published in the beginning of summer 2008), the Minister of the Economy showed à strong interest for the fair trade sector by insisting on the need to create à representative body of all of the companies concerned. Several working meetings were organized in the process. These meetings have enabled some 20 fair trade (craft and food) actors (mostly Belgian Francophones), to meet and reflect concretely on networking through à sectoral federation. All of the involved companies practicing fair trade lived in very different economic realities.

The development of fair trade is a priority

Whether they are under the status of non-profit organizations, commercial companies or independent companies, these companies make the development of fair trade their priority. In 2008 in the Cabinet of the Minister, SAW-B was mandated to facilitate the establishment of this federation.

The non-profit organization’s statutes were filed with the Charleroi Commercial Court in December 2008. The two permanent members of the federation took office on October 2, 2009. In 2010, the general meeting of members was formalized. It is the culmination of a process of membership and analysis of each organization according to the fair trade criteria. This voluntary membership process is based on the international federating standards developed by WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization).

Today, the Belgian fair trade federation has 18 members. The permanent team is attentive and at their service. They are also continuing their work to raise awareness among the general public. Their main goal is to promote a quality fair trade centered on human rights, and the environment. Lastly, since May 2015, BFTF has been opening applications for the "local" fair trade producer groups that would like to join the federation.

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