Our objectives

The federation is an exchange platform and a representative body of the sector

Internal missions

1. Facilitate collaborations between members : economies of scale, pooling of resources.

2. Circulate useful information for members

3. Develop member services :

Dissemination of information (particularly in relation to employment and investment assistance)
Organization of specific training courses in partnership with specialized structures

4. Define and implement criteria, indicators and admission procedures

5. Facilitate the development of financial mechanisms to ensure the viability of enterprises while maintaining the prefinancing of production practices, an essential element of the very notion of fair trade.

External missions
6. Ensure representation at the levels of the Belgian political powers and facilitate members’ access to state aid

7. Integrate with international networks in close collaboration with current WFTO members.

8. Become a force of proposal powered by the members and defend their interests

9. Disseminate information and initiate awareness-raising actions

10. Design support and coordination actions for northern stakeholders in close collaboration with existing specialized bodies

11. Become a representative interlocutor for SME managers who wish to focus their activities on fair trade

Nous contacter

Pierre-Yves Brasseur


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Siège social :
Avenue Comte de Smet de Nayer, 14 boîte 3 - 5000 Namur
Siège d’exploitation :
Rue du Fort, 35 - 1060 Saint-Gilles

N° Entreprise : 0808 549 636
Banque Triodos : 523-0803449-73

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