The Belgian Fair Trade Federation

The Belgian Fair Trade Federation : an initiative initiated and supported by actors in the field

Created in October 2010, BFTF is the Belgian fair trade federation. It brings together companies and associations active in Wallonia, Brussels and Flanders. Since May 2015, BFTF is also opening applications for producer groups involved in "local" fair trade.

A federation of entrepreneurs focused on fair trade

BFTF is dedicated to strengthening and promoting fair trade reference values which include :
• Highlighting the great diversity of Belgian structures centered on the practice of fair trade.
• Promoting the development of fair trade.
• Attracting new Belgian entrepreneurs to this business model.

A federation based on demanding criteria

To become a full member, the candidate chooses to engage in a voluntary membership process. The analysis of the candidate organization by the federation focuses on the verification of the following points :

The choice of fair trade is a priority commitment made by the management.
Fair trade occupies a central place in the activity and development of the organization.
Fair trade is an incessantly perfectible process. The perfection of this process is never achieved
Fair trade tends to develop a coherent and fair chain from producer to consumer.

A dynamic and open federation on the world

In order to benefit from relevant external perspectives, BFTF benefits from various expertise. Observer members are therefore responsible for making links with different domains close to fair trade, such as : university research centers, development cooperation organizations, social economy actors.

BFTF, a driving force for fair trade

BFTF’s missions are varied and aimed at both its members and the general public. These missions include :

Promoting and stimulating exchanges between members ;
Spreading information (access to training, funding sources, Fair Trade international news, ...) ;
Representing members at public, parapublic and private external bodies ;
Practicing a watch function by defending organizations that focus their activities on the respect of fair trade standards ;
Informing the general public about the issues of fair trade and the diversity of products resulting from this economic model.

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