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The General Assembly brings together about fifteen fair trade organizations : associations and commercial companies. These structures have a large diversity in size, trades, goods and services provided ...

The members of our federation are active in Wallonia, Brussels and Flanders. Its head office is located in Liège.

Fair trade is constantly evolving. The concept itself is the subject of many interpretations. A detailed knowledge of each company is therefore essential for the organizers of the federation. As a result, in-depth individual meetings with the candidate members are organized on the basis of a self-descriptive document previously completed by each member

BFTF integrates with the international WFTO network. While there isn’t an official Belgian definition, these standards are used as a reference. Joining the federation is a voluntary choice made by the heads of different companies and organizations. The adequacy between the commitments made and the reality is evaluated collectively by the other organizations according to a procedure and a framework proposed by the Board of Directors and endorsed by the General Assembly.

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